My Only Preference

by The Graham Situation

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Written and recorded between January and May 2015.


released March 17, 2016




The Graham Situation Gothenburg, Sweden

The Graham Situation is the independent rock project of singer/songwriter Eric Dantanus.

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Track Name: Don't It Be Over
I have the will without the power
The sadness comes in sweeping showers
Sleep in silence, the screaming silence

She rests her head against my shoulder
My heart would ache, my body's over
Don't it be over, don't it be over
Don't it be over, don't it be over
Track Name: My Only Preference
You seem more and more like a dust collector,
When every word you mouth clings untrue
What have they done to you?
Have they tightened all your screws?
I'm despicable and I'm sorry bout' those vitamins I took
Those nights I barely made it out alive I thought of you,
Because of you, my only preference

There are things I'd rather put aside until the morning comes
I've always done it this way
The shame in me was blaming me for that part of you I took
Like a library book I never get around to return
And you seem more and more like a scam for sure,
All those troubling thoughts you've had
Or those trebling hands on deck
I got suspicious of course, you're the only fraud that I could ever adore
More and more, pick another date to revive yourself

Or put you on the shelf
I wouldn't hesitate
I wouldn't be myself

I wanna feel something again
Just a spark of it all or a pinch in my wool
I don't mind minding every time, all the time
The broadcasted lies constantly on the line
On the screen and in between
Was it just a dream or propaganda?
I mean all the things I say
But you're too proud to behave
Too high to convey yourself past the grave
And you seem more and more like some boring chore
When you slam shut the door, turn the fight to a war
What am I asking for?

Should I stay on the floor?
Should I bargain for more?

I'll put myself away
You'd always hesitate and never be yourself
I just wanna stir up your world
With the sharpest spike in your needle eye
With all our money could by
I never really knew why,
I'd just shout and scream at the sky
Or at you, my only preference
Track Name: Waitin' Four U
I'm waiting for you
I'm waiting for you
Stop whatever...

I'm waiting for you
Oh, I know its true

I'm waiting for you
I'm waiting for you
Track Name: Getaway Nothing
Nothing stays the same
Everything fades away
What's there that I could say,
To get you to feel the stains?
(To get you to see the stains)
(I could've walked away)
I could've left this place
(I could've let you stay)
But I can't get away
Can't find my getaway

And all again you're so fine

Nothing stays the same when you're gone away
Where have you been, what have you seen?

And all along you're so fine

Most of the time I wait
For something to take place
For something to abate and set the record straight
I've walked these streets before,
Until my feet gone sore
But what I'm asking for,
I could ask for more

What's that under your skirt?
Seem so restless, sleep inside your mind
What's that? You're about to burst
Who's in denial, who's got the nerve?
Bleak hatch, you've got the nerve
So I wait, so I wait
So I wait, so I wait
So I wait, so I wait

(And all again you're so fine)