Avoid EP

by The Graham Situation

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No need to check your speakers, they're fine.


released 05 May 2014

Thanks to Sandra Skiffard for backing me up on "The Way" and for snapping the lovely cover art.



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Track Name: Do What You Gotta Do
What'ya gotta do, keep your head alive
She cuts through my skin with no intention to win
So what we gonna do, we're gonna keep them satisfied
Eye to eye and side to side our souls are occupied
So where're you gonna go?
You know you ain't got that much time
Back it up and try again
We've got no words we're living by
Bye, bye, bye

We gotta, you gotta, she gotta, I gotta

It's the devils tongue, it's got its grip round' you, son
You better do it smooth, you better do it

And it feels so strange, but it feels so good
Though it feels so strange just to be around you, girl
I've knocked it down, pushed it out
Yet still the moment I close my eyes it goes down, down, down

You gotta say what you gotta say
You gotta do what you gotta do
You gotta chase what you gotta chase
You gotta do what you gotta do
What'd you do?

What'ya gonna do, you're gonna keep me occupied
Through the rain and through the moon
It's gonna be like paradise

But it feels so strange, I knew it would
Yeah it feels so damn strange just to be around you
You know I've knocked it off, pushed it down
I just wanna make it clear you caught me falling down, my love
Track Name: Dusty Dusk
Well, you should save your sorrows for a rainy day
We should both go outside now baby, into the dusty dusk
Now we should save each other for some other day,
When it's best not to mention what anyone said,
The air's getting colder, the hour is dead
The sickness she caught is beginning to spread,
And we'll wait for a while till' we finally fall off this thread,
Into the dusty dusk

When we go outside through the needles eye,
We'll break what we can't break

You should save yourself no matter what,
You should know by now that it's a dirty old world,
But it feels strangely comforting
And you should save your breath before it's out,
You know I'm just like you, but you are nothing like me
We could leave right now to end this misery
But the wind blows hard to cease all to be,
But I've got dusty in my eyes, darling can't you see?

Into this dusty dusk
Track Name: Whatever Comes
I don't wanna be saved, I just wanna be done
She came as sudden as a bolt of lightning,
Does it matter where from?
I'm gonna stay, do it again
As of the end I'll begin to pretend
But it's too late all over again,
Tell me we'll stick to the plans to the end,
Whatever comes

You are all I,
You are all I really need

It's the only way we know,
Manors of a ghost,
Can't we go home?
Always wrong
I'll go home,
It's so alone

I don't wanna be here,
Your eyes are worse than a bomb
It doesn't matter if there's nothing out there,
I just wanna go home
And there I'll stay, do it again
Wiggle it round' to the back of my hand
But it's too late, it's already gone
It's already gone

You are all I,
You are all I'll ever need
Are you alright?
There's no truth inside of me

But whatever comes barking up the wrong,
I could lead you through the storm
Find you shelter against the swarm
I'll be there whatever comes

(It's the only way we'll know whatever comes
It's the only way we'll know whatever comes)
Track Name: Thunder Run
We haven't been here for a while
Last time we had to leave,
Before both of us tripped and sliced our minds,
Our eyes looks as surprised as we've both been
Most of our lives,
Our lives, lives,

(There are no curtains to be closed,
All that is left is just your ghost)
Despite no pressure to be seen
You had to crack the TV screen,
You always knew how to transpose,
Those dirty thoughts into a rose
But still you'd never let it go
I'd let you know, but no one knows
Nobody but you

She's at the bottom,
Is this the best that you can do?
I know it's true
No pleading or barging,
It's like I'm still in love with you
I know it's you

Gotta find the antidote,
And have a fix of antidote
All this rain is just for show
Fevers and this loaded gun,
This loaded gun

I've got this feeling you are here,
Not what I see, but what I hear
But when it cracks and disappears
Your gloomy ghost's still haunting me
It's still haunting me,
Haunting me
Track Name: The Way
You won't pick up the phone though you are on your own,
Every night when you sleep, you don't really sleep
You found a way to begin, you found the new way to…

You're so sick of your soul,
You've lost all your control,
These words bleed from within
No one knows where you've been
But you should come clean first
My mind's been turned into rust
My mind's been turned into…

Oh, you opened up my heart
Oh, you knew it from the start